Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas is coming

A busy few weeks coming up now, with markets every weekend for a while. Next Sunday the 8th I'll be at Tamborine, the 15th at a fundraiser for the McIntyre Centre (a horse riding centre for people with a disability) and then 21st at The Handmade Expo. So the race is on the get plenty of great things made for each of them. I've just got in a lot of cute fairy fabrics as well as bug and insect designs in stock so the hats, travel pillows and seatbelt pads will be flying.
I've also just joined a Christmas ornament swap over at Daisy Quilts I have to admit I've never actually made a Christmas ornament before, but they have lots of great ideas over there, so I'll just have! to make a trip to Spotlight for some great Christmassy fabric.